750 grammes
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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth



Ingredients : Tomato 2 nos

                      Small type Banana – 2 nos

                       Pineapple – 1 cup

                       Pomogranate – ½ cup

                       Apple – 1 cup

                       Green grapes n black grapes – 1 cup cut to halves                          Sugar – ½ glass

                       Cardamon powder – 1 tsp

                       Salt – a pinch

                       Lemon juice – 1 tsp

                       Dry Fruits – ½ cup

                       Honey – 2 tblsp ( optional )  

                       Rose Essence – 2-3 drops ( both are optional)

Method : Roughly puree the tomato and keep aside. Cut bananas, apples, pine apple, grapes in to small pcs.

Take a pan add the sugar and add water till the sugar is submerged. Bring to boil and get a one string consistency. Now add the tomato puree to this and mix well. Boil for 2-3 more mins till the tomato gets cooked.

Now add one by one all the fruits, dry fruits  and bring to boil till the fruits are well cooked and  the pachadi thickens, now add Honey, cardamon powder, salt, Lemon juice at this stage and bring to boil  . Remove from fire and allow to cool. The pachadi thickens a bit once cooled…..This is mainly served in marriages can also be used as prasadams

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