750 grammes
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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth


Ingredients : Raw Rice – 2 glass

                      Mustard seeds – 2 tsp

                      Urad dal – 2 tsp

                      Channa Dal – 2 tsp

                      Curry leaves/  Coriander leaves

                      Coconut oil – 2 tblsp

                      Red Chillies – 4 nos

                      Hing – 1 tsp

                      Oil – 4 tblsp

                       Salt to Taste

For Grinding – Tur dal – 1 tblsp

                       Urad dal- 1tblsp

                       Channa dal – 1tblsp

                       Green chillies – 12 nos

                       Ginger – 2tblsp

Method : Soak the Raw rice in water for 2-3 hrs. After 2/3 hrs remove and drain the water and spread it in a dry cloth or newspaper. Let it dry partially . It may take 1 hr. Then take portions of the rice and grind it in a blender to a coarse powder. You might have to put 4 times . For 2 glass of raw rice you roughly get 3 / 3 ½ glass of broken rice powder.

Soak also the dals mention for grinding for 1 / 2 hrs. Then drain the water . Then grind them to a coarse paste with green chillies and ginger.

Take a thick bottom pan add oil – to this add Mustard seeds, Urad dal, Channal dal , Red chillies cut into small pcs. Let the dals become light brown, then add the coarse paste of the dals. Fry them well in the oil . You will see small balls forming …mash them with the ladle and fry well.

After 5mins – Now add water- for 1 glass of powder add 1 glass of water 1:1 proportion ( but the quantity of water depends upon the variety of rice. ) You can also add hot water afterwards if water is less. Add salt, Hing, Curry leaves and bring to boil for 5 mins. Let all the flavor get infused in that water.

Now reduce the flame and slowly add the Rice powder . Mix well and close the pan with a lid for 5mins.

Remove the lid again give a toss now add the Coriander leaves and Coconut Oil. This give a good flavor to the Upma kozhakattai. Give a nice mix – you will see all the water is absorbed and a soft ball of upma is formed. At this stage - Remove from fire and allow to cool.

Keep the steamer on the fire with water below.

Now soak your hands in water and take the upma - handful and make oval shapes in form of kozhakattai as shown in photo . Put it in the steamer plate with small holes to steam for 10/15 mins

At a time 10/12 kozhakattai can be steamed depending upon the size of the steamer vessel. Once cooked remove from steam and transfer it to another vessel.

UPMA KOZHAKATTAI are ready to serve. Goes well with Coconut chutney and Plain Butter or Ghee.


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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth


Ingredients:Paneer - 200 grams cubed

                   Onion - 1 large cubed

                   Capsicum - 1 cubed

                   Tomatoes - 2 cubed and seeds removed

                   Oil for drizzling on top

                   Chat Masala  - 2 tsp for sprinkling on top

For Marination: Curd - 1 cup

                         Chilli Powder – 1 tsp

                         Coriander Pd – 1tsp

                         Chat Masala Powder - 1/2 tsp

                         Ginger Garlic Paste – 2tsp

                         Garam Masala Powder - 1 tsp

                         Red Colour – a pinch

                         Salt to taste

Method: Cut all the vegetables in to 1 inch cubes. Paneer also cut into cubes.

Mix all ingredients for marination. Add in cubed veggies and paneer. Mix gently. Leave this to marinate for 2 to 3 hours

Heat a tawa and drizzle oil all over.

Now take skewers / sticks and run the veggies through it. First the Tomato , onion, Capsicum,Paneer and again follow the same with the vegetables again.

Now one by one put the sticks with the vegetables on the tawa. Drizzle oil. Keep the flame in medium. Keep turning if one side is roasted.

Serve hot with a drizzle of lemon juice and chaat masala and Onion rings and coriander leaves. with mixed with salt. 

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Ingredients : Dosa Batter – 2 cups

                      Raw Rice batter – ½ cup ( optional)

                      Oil to drizzle

                      Kitchen Scissors

Method : Take the Dosa Batter and mix the Raw Rice batter with it to get crisp Dosa.

Now Heat the tawa . Make normal dosa in the tawa. After 2 mins Drizzle oil allover the Dosa. Once you find brown spots all over it means Dosa is cooked, reduce the flame.

Now lift the dosa from the Tawa on one side. With the help of the scissors cut the dosa till the centre. Now slowly lift the cut portion and rotate the dosa sideways into conical shape as shown in picture.

Serve hot with Sambhar , Chutney and Potato Masala.

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Ingredients for Dabeli : PavBhaji – 2 cups

                                      Sugar – 2tblsp

                                       Pav Bhaji Masala- ½ tsp

                                       Oil – 1tsp

To assemble the Dabeli : Green Chutney

                                         Red Chutney

                                         Sweet Chutney

                                         Masala Peanuts – ½ cup

                                         Sev – 1 cup

                                         Farsan – 1 cup

                                         Fresh coconut shavings – ½ cup

                                         Onions – 2 nos finely chopped and mixed with coriander leaves

                                         Butter – 2tblsp

                                         Pav - 6 nos,

Method – Take a pan add oil add the pavbhaji now to this add the Pav Bhaji masala and sugar and mix well and let it fry in medium flame till the water content are gone. Allow it to cool.Dabeli inside stuffing is ready.

Now take a deep bottom plate to arrange the masala of Dabeli so that it is easy for us to do the stuffing.

At the bottom add the Dabeli stuffing just made above that sprinkle farsan, sev, Onion, coconut shavings , Pomogranate pearls,

Now to Assemble the Dabeli – Slit the Pav like we cut for Pav bhaji – Now inside the pav - apply the Red chutney on top portion, Sweet Chutney in the bottom portion .

Take the Spoon full of the Dabeli masala prepared and stuff in on the bottom portion.

Over this add the farsan, peanuts, onion and sprinkle the Green Chutney.

Now carefully close the pav and apply butter on the top portion like shown in photo and roast it in the Tawa to become slightly crispy.Apply butter on the otherside also and fry them well on low flame.

To serve – Take the Dabeli that is fried in the Tawa and now Dip it in the Sev Bowl so that it sticks on all the sides well. Drizzle 2 tsp of Sweet Chutney and Sprinkle some more Sev over the Dabeli and Pomogrante seeds . Serve with Green Chutney.

Green Chutney – Coriander leaves – 1 bunch, green Chillies – 5 nos, Ginger 1 inch piece, Jeera – 1 tsp,Tamarind pulp ½ cup, Black salt – 1 tsp, salt. Grind all together in to a smooth paste.

Red Chutney – Garlic – 10 pods, Red Chillies – 10 nos , Sugar – 5 tsp, Salt

Soak garlic and red chillies in water for 1 hour. Then grind into a smooth paste. While serving add sugar and salt to this paste

Sweet Chutney – 100 gms Dates, Tamarind pulp 2 cups, jaggery – 1cup , jeera – 1 tsp, Fennel seeds - 1tsp, Chilli pd- 1tsp salt.

Soak the dates for 2 hrs. Then grind the dates,jeera, fennel seeds into a smooth paste. Transfer this to a vesel. Now grind the  tamarind also to a smooth paste.  Strain the Tamarind water mixture and Put in the kadia with the Dates mixture with salt, jaggery and chilli pd and bring to boil for 10 mins.


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