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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth

For making Rasgulla

Ingredients : Full cream milk - ½ litre

                     Vinegar / Lemon juice -2 tbsp

                     Sugar -2 cups,

                     Water 5 cups

                     Cardamom powder – 1tsp

                     Rose water – 2 tsp( optional)

                     Rava – 1tblsp

Method : Boil the milk for 10 minutes.Lower the flame and then add vinegar / lemon into it. Mix well.You can see the whey separate.Now Arrange a stainer on a vessel and spread a cotton cloth on it.Pour the paneer formed and remove the whey.Pour running tap water onto this to remove the sour taste due to the lemon/Vinegar used. Now tie the cloth so that the extra water is drained.

After 1 hour, the paneer looks a little crumbly.Knead it with rava for 10 minutes into a pliable dough.Make small balls without any holes in it and keep it aside.

In a Pressure cooker add the 1cup sugar to 5 cups water and cardamom powder.

Bring to boil and now slowly put the paneer balls in it

Close the lid and let it cook for 2 whistle.Then simmer it for 10 more minutes in a very low flame. Switch off the stove. When the pressure is released you can see these soft yummy rasgulla's ready.

For making of the saffron flavored milk

Milk - 1/2 litre
Sugar – 1 cup
Cardamom – 6/7 nos (powdered)
Saffron -7-8 strands
Pistachio -chopped – 15/20 nos
Almonds (blanched and thinly sliced) - 20 nos

Boil ½ Litre milk - so that it is reduced by ¼ quantity. Keep the flame low and keep adding sugar, cardamom powder and mix until the sugar dissolves.Switch off the flame. Add almonds, pistachio and saffron soaked in a tbsp of milk. Mix well.

Now take the rasgulla from the sugar syrup, squeeze out the excess sugar syrup gently

Then drop it into the creamy milk and refrigerated it and serve chilled RAS MALAI with more almonds and pistachio

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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth



Ingredients : Boiled rice - 2 cups

                     Muruga ellai – 3 cups

                     Green chillies – 10 nos

                     Cumin seeds – 2 tsp

                     Coconut – 1 cup



Method : Pluck the leaves of the Muruga ellai off its stem and keep only the leaves. Wash them well.

Soak the Rice for 5/6 hrs. In a wet grinder- grind the rice to a not smooth- but a little coarse batter.

In a blender add the coconut, green chillies , cumin seeds , little water. Grind all into a coarse paste. Add this paste to the Rice batter. Add salt and the Drumstick leaves. Mix well. The consistency of the batter will be little thicker that a normal dosa batter.

Heat a Tawa add a ladle full of batter and spread it like a dosa . It should be a thick dosa. Keep the flame in the medium. Make a hole in the centre Now smear oil on all sides and centre of the dosa . Once cooked flip the side and cook on the other side also .Serve hot with Ghee / Butter or Molagapodi


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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth


Ingredients : Garlic pearls – 1 cup

                      Turmeric pd – 2tsp

                      Salt – 2 tblsp

                      Spicy chilli pd – 2 tablespoon

                      Begedi chilli pd - 4 table spoon

                      Mustard seeds powder (yellow colour) – 2 tsp

                      Methi seeds - 1 tsp

                      Hing-2 tsp

                      Vinegar- 2 cup

                      Oil – 4tblsp

                     Mustard seeds – 2 tsp


Method : Peel the skin of garlic and mix them with 1tblsp salt and 1 tsp turmeric pd and vinegar 1 cup. Keep aside for 1-2 months. Give a mix every week . You can keep this garlic in vinegar for longer duration and put pickle as and when required for the required quantity.

When you need to make the pickle after 1 month then - In a pan dry roast the methi seeds and grind it to a coarse powder.

Now in a Pan heat the oil, add the Mustard seeds and let it flutter then add the methi pd and hing . Wait for 30 secs and off the fire . Now to this hot oil add Mustard seeds pd, chilli powders mix well to this add the garlic which has been soaked in salt and vinegar. Mix well. And allow to cool. You will find it has become thick now- add the balance of the vinegar and mix well. Keep it in air tight bottle can be used for atleast 1 month without keeping in fridge.



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TIRIVADIRAI - Kavathu Poduthuval

Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth

TIRIVADIRAI - Kavathu Poduthuval
TIRIVADIRAI - Kavathu Poduthuval

Ingredients : Kavathu – 1cup

                     Senai (yam) -1 cup

                      Raw Banana – 1 cup

                      Red Pumpkin – 1 cup

                      Avvarakai – 1 cup

                      Green Chillies – 4 nos

                     Coconut – 3 cups

                     Coconut oil – 2 tblsp

                     Curry Leaves

                     Mustard Seeds – 2 tsp

                     Urad Dal – 2 tsp

                      Red Chilles – 4 nos

                     Turmeric pd – 1 tsp

                     Sugar - 3 tsp(optional)


Method : Remove the skin of Senai, Kavathu, Raw Banana, Red Pumpkin and cut them to ½ inch thickness cubes as shown in photo. Wash them well. To be specific wash the Kavathu 2/3 times as it has that slippery water coming from it . Cut the avvarakai into to 1 inch squares.

Take a pan add the Kavathu, Senai and Avvarakai add water till all the veggies are submerged. Add turmeric pd and allow to boil. When cooked half way add the Raw Banana and Red pumpkin also. Close the lid and allow to boil and cook nicely. When cooked well add salt and let it boil for 2 mins.

In a blender add 1 cup coconut and 4 green chillies and give a blend. No need to add water . You have just to make a coarse mixture of it. Remove and keep it.

Now add this mixture to the veggies which are boiling. Give a nice mix. Add sugar at this time. And mix well and give a boil. Let the kootu be in a liquid state. So if needed add water. Once boil for 2mins remove from flame and now add the balance 2 cups of coconut scrapped to this kootu and mix well.

For Tadka – take a pan add coconut oil , Mustard seeds, Urad dal, Red chillies, Currey leaves. Let the mustard seeds fluter and urad dal become brown. Add this to the kootu. TIRIVADIRAI PODUTHUVAL is ready. To be eaten with Tirivadirai Kali. Goes well with Sambhar rice or Rasam also.

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