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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth


Ingredients : Elbow Pasta – 2 cups

                      Potato – 1 cup

                      Corn – 1 cup

                      Tomato – 1 no

                      Cucumber – 1 no

                      Onion – 1 no

                      Mushroom – 1 cup

                      Capsicum – ½ cup

                      Olives – ½ cup

                       Jaleapenos - 1 tblsp

                      Salt -½ tsp

                      Crushed Pepper -2 tsp

                      Olive oil – 3/4 tblsp

                      Lime juice – ½ cup

                     Coriander Leaves – 1 cup

Method : Cut the Potato to 1cm square cubes and boil them.

Cook the pasta well in salted water .

Steam the Corn and keep aside. Drain all the veggies / Pasta .

Slice the Mushrooms, Capsicum, Onion into thin slices with length of ½ inch.

Cut the Cucumber and Tomato into 1 cm cubes

Take a large bowl add all the veggies/pasta. To this add the crushed pepper. Mix well

Now take the Lime Juice in a small bowl add 1 tsp salt to it and mix well . Now slowly add the Olive oil to this mixture and keep beating / mixing the oil and Lime juice well with a fork till you get a milky thick mixture.

Add this lime juice mixture to the the Veggies/ Pasta . And mix well till all the pasta and veggies are coated with this mixture and you get a shine over them. Lastly add the finely chopped Coriander leaves and mix well.

Refrigerate this Pasta salad after mixing for atleast 1hour minimum for the veggies to soak the Lime juice.

Cool , tangy PASTA SALAD is ready. It’s a One pot meal – very filling. Can be eaten at night.

Note : Quantity and Veggies and be altered as per your choice. 

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