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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth


Ingredients : Onion- 2 no

                     Tomato - 3 nos

                     Capsicum - 1 no

                     Garlic - 10-7 pods

                     Ginger - 1 inch piece

                     Green chilli - 4nos

                     Chili powder / chilli flakes - 1 tsp

                     Tomato sauce / tomato chili sauce - 4 tblsp

                     Sugar - 2tsp

                     Mushrooms - 1cup ( optional) 

                     Fusili pasta - 2 cups

                     Oregano- 3 tsp,

For White Sauce : Cheese - 2 triangle

                             Milk - 1 glass

                            Butter - 2 tablespoon

                            Maida - 2 tablespoon

                            Pepper - 1 tsp

                           Sugar - 1 tsp


Preparation :For White Sauce

Heat 2 tablespoon butter in a pan, add 2tsp maida and fry till you get bubbles, then reduce the fire and add milk to it and keep stirring. Add a pinch of salt, sugar , pepper to the mixture. Once you get semi solid liquid, remove from fire and keep aside.

Once the white sauce cools down a bit and becomes thick  - add milk and 2 triangle cheese and put in the blender and give a whip so that you get a semi solid creamy liquid sauce. 

Tomato Sauce  Preparation :

In a chopper put the vegetables and chop finely . In a pan put oil and put the vegetables chopped- add sugar salt , mushrooms sliced and  toss well . This sauce would be in a semi solid form . Let the gravy thicken on fire. Once the gravy thickens add chili powder/ Chilli flakes , tomato sauce , Oregano 1tsp and fry for 3 more min. Your sauce is ready .

Pasta Preparation 

Boil the Pasta in enough water with 2tsp of salt. Once they are half done. Keep one glass of the water boiled aside - and drain rest of the water and give the pasta a wash in cold water . Then add 2 tsp of oil and toss well the pasta so that they donot stick to each other and keep aside 

Final Pasta Preparation 

Heat oil 1tsp  in a pan add the required tomato sauce prepared , the pasta - toss well  - add the boiled water at this stage if you want for the consistency of the gravy .

Just wait till you  see the bubbles coming in the sauce. Donot add lot of sauce. It should be sufficient only to coat the pasta.

Now add the white sauce prepared and mix well . Keep the fire low and toss  well you will find the colour change to light red .

Mix well and remove from fire. For flavour you can add oregano pd , chopped black olives on top and serve hot with Toasted Garlic Bread. 

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