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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth


Ingredients : Besan – 1 cup

                    Sugar 1 ½ cup

                    Water – ½ cup

                    Oil – 2cups

                    Butter – 1 cup


Method – Take 1 cup besan in a bowl. To this add nearly ½ - ¾ cup of oil and mix well till u get idli batter consistency with out lumps and keep aside.


In another Bowl take rest of the oil and butter ( not Ghee ) add both together and keep in sim let the butter melt in the oil. I kept the oil and butter vessel in a Boiling water vessel which was boiling in the gas – it was getting melted and getting hot ( Double boiling) .


Heat a Heavy bottom Non stick vessel…add the sugar and water told. Wait for it to come to 1 string consistency.Lower the flame and add the oil mixed besan to it. Keep stirring in medium flame. For 5mins.


Now slowly start adding the Hot oil and ghee mix to this mixture ½ ladle at a time – the besan mixture will froth then mix well…keep doing the process . Last add 1 full ladle of oil & Butter and mix well you will see a frothy mixture moving . At one stage you will see the Besan mix is dancing in the vessel and all oil has started coming out. Keep stirring well. Lower the flame and be fast in transferring it to a plate which has been greased well .


Note : Use Fresh Besan…it gives a good results. The amount of oil and butter proportion is enough…donot add more. You will see some is left also at times.


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