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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth


Ingredients : Maida – 2 cups

                     Sugar – 2 tsp

                     Salt – 1tsp

                     Oil – 3 tsp 

                     Oil for frying

Method : Take the maida in a bowl add sugar, salt and mix well. To this now add water and make a soft dough ie lose than what we make for chappati.once the dough is mixed lastly take 2 tsp of oil and pour over the dough and coat the ball of dough well with this. Close the bowl and keep aside for ½ hour.

After half hour remove the dough and again mix with hands so that you get a very smooth texture. Now take a ball of the dough (orange size) pat it with plain maida and roll the parotta as thin as possible. Now to this add 1 tsp of oil and spread with hand well on all the surface of the parotta.

Now lift the top end and make small pleets as we make for sari – one above the another ( as shown in photo) While making the pleets give a pat in between so that your dough becomes longer. Once all pleets are done roll them from sides horizontly and lastly the end will go below the roll and keep this aside for 10 mins till the rest of the dough is finished.

Now take the first ball made and with light hands roll it to a bigger parotta . You will see the lines coming in this. Roll the parotta to 4 /5inch radius.

Keep the tawa on fire and on a hot tawa put this parotta. You will see the bubbles coming. Give a flip at this time. Now add 1 tsp of oil on the top side – spread it well now flip the other side, again add ½ tsp oil and sread well and again flip . You will see the side becoming crispy in oil.

Once they are light brown on both the sides remove from fire and put in a plate. After 30 secs with both your hands - try to clap the hands with the parotta in between. Do this 3 times in one angle. Now change the angle and do it again 3 times. This way you will be releasing the layers we made while rolling the parotta.

Hot Crispy MALABAR PAROTTA is ready to be eaten with Kadala Curry, Egg Curry , Tomato Thokk

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