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Posted on by Lakshmi Vasanth


Ingredients : Chick peas – 2 cups

                     Potatoes - 2 nos

                     Onion – 2 nos

                     Tomato – 3 nos

                     Garlic – 2 tblsp

                     Ginger – 1 tblsp

                     Jaggery – 2 tblsp

                     Chilli pd – 1 tsp

                     Coriander pd -2 tsp

                     Garam Masala – 1 tsp

                     Turmeric pd – 2 tsp

                     Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

                     Cinnnamon – 2 stick (1 inch each)

                     Cloves - 3 nos

                     Cardamon – 2 nos

                     Big Cardamon – 1no

                     Bay leaves – 2 nos

                     Coriander leaves – ½ cup

                     Oil - 4 tblsp


Method : Soak the Chick peas for 8 hrs in water . Later add the Turmeric pd and Pressure cook the chick peas with whole potatoes . Once cooked , Peel the potatoes and cut in to 1 inch cubes. Add salt in the chickpeas when with water in cooker mix well and keep aside for 15 mins.

In a blender add chopped onion, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, chillipd, coriander pd , cinnamon 1pc, cloves, cardamom . Blend all the above well into a smooth paste.

Take a heavy bottom pan add 4 tblsp oil to this add cumin seeds , bay leaves, big cardamon, cinnamon stick and sauté for 1 min then add the paste with Turmeric pd , salt and sauté till the oil seperates.

Now add the chickpeas and potatoes , add the water that was kept by washing the blender with the paste. Add 1cup more water mix well - close the lid and let it boil for 10 mins.

After 10 mins add the jaggery, garam masala mix well & let it boil for 5 mins more. If the gravy has thickened you can add little water. Once removed from fire add  coriander leaves.

Serve with onion rings, lemon. Can be eaten with chappati, paratha, batura , Kulcha. We also eat with rice.

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